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Korea Move

A Wall Street Journal article focusses on South Korea's unsuccessful pitch for peace as part of its World Cup bid. Being pipped by similar arguments for Qatar and Middle East peace is no cause for shame as Qatar had more money to throw at FIFA than anyone (Is it just me but doesnt moving stadiums to "third world" countries as Qatar is proposing seems a little redundant in the face of starving hordes? And isnt all that air-conditioning an environmental nightmare and how are poor countries going to afford it when the stadiums are plonked in their backyard?)
Meanwhile, the Koreas face off on other sporting fronts.

Such a shame, as this article I wrote for Australia's National Times just prior to South Africa (it also popped up in the Jakarta Post and a few other pages), that the Koreas didnt meet in South Africa. Given they could only meet in the late knock-out rounds the chances were always slim, but I for one would have backed a bit of draw-rigging to get them to meet…