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One for all the underdogs LCFC

Sport, as they say, is the great leveller. Nothing else quite matches it to inspire, to lift, and to take us out of ourselves. In England today, perhaps the greatest sporting long-shot in living memory reached its spectacular conclusion. The path of bolters Leicester City to win  the English Premier League title is the stuff of legend, the kind of story parents yearn to tell their children. Is this something that can define a far larger moment?
Leicester have already become everyone's favourite second team. Even some Spurs fans have a soft spot for the former battlers from the Midlands.
as the usual big-money suspects - Manchester United and City, Chelsea, Arsenal - dropped out of contention as the season has progressed, Leicester kept ;ighting up stadiums across the country with an exhilarating combination of speed and directness.
As a result, we have all become Leicester City now.
The team itself is mostly made up of also rans and never weres. Few had heard of many of them before th…

Rohingya Football Club

We have launched our Pozible crowd fund campaign for the Rohingya Football Club initiative in KL, Malaysia.

The program is our pilot international program so please consider making a donation to help us get off the ground globally.

There are some great rewards, such as shirt sponsorships, available for donors.

Full details are on the link provided above.