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FIFA must look at its backyard for direction

My comment on FIFA and The World Game which ran in today's Courier Mail (Brisbane's main newspaper for those outside the country). It's pay-walled for some reason but here's the full version anyway. 

Click on the link if you like it to make your interest known.

Note, while this article concentrates on Messrs Blatter and Al-Hussein, two other candidates are running. 

"Apparently, the big wigs of the World Game are in town for the Asian Cup. At least two major contenders for this year's FIFA presidential elections, Sepp Blatter and Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, are here courting support, making deals, shmoozing and maybe even watching a game. Given our fair land is the first battle field of this vital moment in the future of the game, I thought I might take the opportunity to have a word in their ear.
Sepp, Ali, lean in. Now, even within its first few days, Asian Cup watchers have witnessed the magic football can make. We've had Iran (Shia-led) v Bahrain (Sunni…