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International Friendship Cup (founded 1872)

A nice audio piece from the BBC on an historic football competition in The Aleutian Islands, known as the International Friendship Cup dating back to 1872.

Also this piece by the same journo.

Caught Our Eye #3

This week, with the Women's World Cup reaching the pointy end, some insights into women and football, and sport in general.*

And, finally, a comment on the Palestine v Israel dispute at the latest FIFA Congress.

Sport and Women

Girls Tackle Stereotypes (And Each Other) in US Football League

How FIFA Discriminates Against the Women's World Cup (possibly for the better...)

Is Women in Sport a Feminist Issue?

Women's Star May Have Violent Past

Female EPL Club Owner Shows Men How its Done

Culture Must Change for Women's Game

Prejudice Still Exists

Norway's Team Takes a Shot at Detractors....By Laughing at Them

Power of Sport

This Young Girl Collapses Every Race, But She Keeps Racing


On May 29, The FIFA Congress saw the culmination in the campaign by the Palestinian Football Federation to give the Israeli federation the red card, by kicking them out of FIFA on charges of player discrimination and institutionalised prejudice at some Israeli clubs.

The move towards the vote…

The Kick Project in the Media

Recently, I (James) was asked by Ray Gill, editor of The Daily Review, to write up a piece on The Kick Project, what it's about, and why anybody should be interested.

Here's what I wrote.

Some Numbers

The UN has released some figures on its peace-keeping efforts worldwide. While the organisation does what it can, it is clear that it - the pre-eminent peace-keeping organisation in the world - is far from making even a scratch on the surface of global conflict. 

These figures confirm our reasons for being.

There are 16 current conflicts the UN is working in around the world. The oldest is on the India-Pakistan border (in place since 1949), the newest in the central African republic (2014). Since 1948, there have been 71 UN peace-keeping operations and so, today, just under 23% of all the peace-keeping operations voted as necessary by the UN in 67 years are on-going.

The UN says there are 125,396 peace-keepers in the UN's employ (so-called Blue Helmets).

The budget for peace-keeping in 2014/15 is $US8.5 billion.

It sounds a lot, but consider the following.

The total armed personnel in just the top 20 militarised countries in the world is 1.3 billion. That's one peace-keeper f…