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Gaza Children in Crisis: World Vision

Mark Bulpitt, Head of World Vision's Humanitarian Resilience Team said this recently, in a letter to the Financial Times newspaper;

"Gaza is most worryingly suffering from invisible wounds inflicted on its children by the last conflict. Children are showing devastating signs of trauma. Almost all of those — 96 per cent — on our programmes need direct psychosocial support. Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of them are suffering severe psychosocial issues. Three devastating wars have wrought havoc on children in Gaza, with more than 400,000 of them still in need of psychosocial care."

Our program in Gaza is aimed at as many of these children as we can reach. 

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Soft Hands

The long-running problem of "soccer hooliganism" has blighted the game for decades. Once again its been in the news with more idiots who call themselves soccer fans acting like Neanderthals again.

While soccer often gets lumped with these morons, it is hardly the game's fault that social tensions come out around such common mob activities such as soccer. The problems are with society and with the prejudices that leaders and others in control either encourage or don't do enough to quell.

But, the truth is that soccer does attract thuggish behaviour, if only because it exacerbates mob mentality and allows large groups to get together, get boozed up and coalesce around a common cause via simplistic signals like team chants or colours. It is a recipe for trouble.

A new approach, more about being pro-active rather than reactive seem to be finding good results.

This adaptation sees security working closely with the fans themselves, most of whom don't want trouble and w…