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Education for refugees more than books

The Kick Project fully endorses the views of Melissa Fleming from UNHCR on empowering refugees within the camps and settlements to thrive, as per the above TED Talk, (or here if the embed isn't working) given in Rio last October.

She speaks mainly of academic education, the kind that leads to degrees and diplomas. Its a totally valid view but I would enhance what she says with a thought for the value of physical education through organised and secure sport.

Maths and English may not be for everyone. If fact, if that is the only subjects of education then this may even alienate students. In cases of refugees, these people have been alienated enough.

Sport, for me, provides the following important outcomes:

Good HealthConfidenceInteractionCo-operation and Team-workCompeting FairlyHopeFunPrideTrust in OthersDirection and FocusHealthy Distraction and EscapeCommunity Engagement

I'm sure there are more. That's just off the top of my head.

The message is that refugees deserve so …