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Football for Health in Burma

FIFA has announced a new children's health initiative in Burma.

Part of the new awakening in Burma.

Shame FIFA won't do a proper health check on itself...just saying...

More here

Lighting the World with "Soccket"

Just saw this piece from the BBC and love the concept...

By Clark Boyd at BBC World Service The official ball for the Euro 2012 Football Championship certainly sounds impressive. After all, it’s been developed over a two-year period and tested across eight countries. Uefa, European football’s governing body, calls the Tango 12 "a modern interpretation of the classic design, including a coloured outline inspired by the flags of the two host nations, Poland and Ukraine”. Wow. But I'm left with a question. After kicking it around for a couple of hours, can you use it power a lamp or charge a cell phone like the Soccket?...(more)