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Women's game counters trend

An interesting stat to come out of the women's World Cup, currently underway in Germany, is that possession is not a guarantee to winning.

While the Barca-ball-hogging style has become something many leading men's teams will be seeking to emulate in the coming northern seasons, let's not forget that winning football tactics are those that fit the team they are supposed to organise.

To me Barca's style is quite simple: basically pass the ball incessently to draw defences out of shape and then give it to Messi to wreak havoc in the gaps. But not everyone has a Messi.

Good to see the women's game has the courage to devise its own shapes and structures to suit the women's game and the players of each team.

One of the reasons I like watching it and one of the reasons I believe women should be allowed access to the men's professional game.