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On Never Walking Alone

Check out this article on football/soccer songs and the power of the game as a community healer, written for the Daily Review by The Kick Project founder James Rose. The Liverpool FC Australian tour starts in Brisbane ( v Brisbane Roar) this Friday and continues on to Adelaide ( v Adelaide United)

"Sometime Friday evening, Brisbane's CBD will be roused with the old Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, from the hit post-war musical Carousel, “You'll Never Walk Alone.” It's not showing at QPAC and it isn't one of those quirky Brisbane cultural events: The World Festival of You'll Never Walk Alone Singers...). It will be sung unlike it was it the original show, Carousel, and more like it was in the reprised pop version, circa 1963, as sung by Gerry and The Pacemakers – as in “you'll neeeeeeeeva walk alooooooooooooone...” Add a Liverpudlian accent and you'll have it...[read more]

Love is Not a Four Letter Word

Here at The Kick Project, we are always looking for ways we can combine our desire for positive change with the current systems and structures that are available. |This article, which argues for infusing the institutions and infrastructure we currently work to, with love, is right up our alley.

The article is taken from a great series currently running in Open Democracy called Transformation.

We here say that children have a right to have fun. We all have a right to love as well.