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Qatar could be the best or the worst World Cup

When I first heard that Qatar has won the 2022 World Cup, I admit I thought it was all over. The World Cup as a magical, beautiful and uniting event was, in 2022, to be run through the mud of vested interests, corrupt decision-making and the special insanity of money over morals.

I still feel that to some extent.

But this article gives me hope.  It is true that the first Arab World Cup may indeed be a means not only to promote Arab culture in general but can unite the Arab world and allow it to rise to the potential it offered during Europe's Dark Ages, when it effectively ruled the world in cultural sophistication.

We can only hope the organisers and FIFA move the event in such a direction.

Special needs kids find the beautiful game

Great to see that these special needs kids are being introduced to football in such a simple and effective way.

As we all know, its about the wind in your hair and the ball at your feet, EPL, Euro leagues etc notwithstanding.

The game is a game. Sometimes we forget that.

The bad, the sad and the ridiculous

This one is bad

This one is sad

And this one is just plain ridiculous

Memo to Egypt and Algeria: It's a GAME...

Memo to Japan: This is bigger than any game...

Memo to goalkeepers: It's a GAME...

It would put even Clint off his plate of beans....A tough week in football....

Equality is not all black and white

It was pretty common in the late 1970's and early 1980's for black players in the English leagues to be jeered and to cop monkey calls. The first really big name black players like Viv Anderson, Laurie Cunningham and Luther Blisset took it all and acheived success despite the absence of any legislation or affirmative action type system to give them any favours.

Here at the Kick Project, we obviously place great importance on racial equality in football and I greatly admire these players for overcoming the odds purely on the strength of character and talent. They all did a great service not just for football but for society in general.

Yet, discrimination still exists and it manifests in many forms throughout society in England, and elsewhere.

Gordon Taylor, boss of the English Professional Footballers' Association has called for a program to encourage black managers in the EPL.

While its true that there is a shortage of black managers at the top levels, I'm not sur…

Ronaldo becomes Spanish

In a coup for Spain and a first for world football, Portugese star Ronaldo has been sold to play for the reigning world champions to ease the country's debt crisis.

From our point of view, we feel it's great to see someone of Ronaldo's stature being prepared to make sacrifices in the interests of his fellow country-men and women. Bravo Ronaldo!

Note: Check the date...